My prints
Gelatin and Resin-coated Prints. I continue to be a proponent of using film and hand-creating custom darkroom prints. All of my photographs are made by my husband, Carlo, who uses the finest quality archival papers. Carlo and I offer two types of prints: Gelatin-silver prints and resin-coated prints.
Gelatin-silver prints are created using thick, natural fiber papers coated with light-sensitive silver halide crystals. Museum quality gelatin-silver paper, more commonly called fiber paper, is by far the most refined photographic medium to the touch and to the eyes. When placed side-by-side with contemporary digital prints, fiber paper prints have a noticeably richer image with incredible tonal depth and warmth. It takes a considerable amount of time and patience to hand craft portraits this way, much like painting on canvas, but the result is extraordinary. And, most importantly, each piece will last forever.
Resin-coated prints are also individually hand-processed in the darkroom, but they are less time-consuming and labor intensive to create. This makes them a more affordable option for clients. The print paper fibers are coated with a water-resistant resin that absorbs less moisture than conventional uncoated papers. This shortens processing times considerably. The surface of resin–coated papers has a characteristic glossy look when compared to uncoated papers, and the final print is more flexible and resistant to tears, kinks, and abrasions. RC prints are not as elegant as gelatin-silver prints, but they have a depth in contrast and tonality that makes them a better alternative to commercial digital prints.
In our darkroom
My husband, Carlo, knows how to read a beautiful photograph before it is born. He believes within each negative is a poem written backward that needs to be gently turned inside out. After projecting a soon-to-be image on a paperless easel, he makes decisions about which filters are needed, where to dodge, where to burn. Then with a practiced rhythm, he carefully times exposures, perfects contrasts, and adds or takes away brilliance from the paper’s surface until a visual metaphor of your beauty appears.

Your Legacy Book


Other things may change us, however, we start and end with family


My idea of a Legacy Book of your photographs is grounded on the awareness that family is the most important, inspiring, and motivating element in our lives.
Honor your roots. Celebrate your elders and what they keep bringing to our lives. Document your little, tender ones at a stage so beautiful and fleeting. Preserve for others a sense of belonging to reflect upon.
ArtZ Products is  my trusted card and photo album company whose talented staff has handcrafted all of my past Legacy Book projects.
What I and ArtZ Products offer you
◊ several volume formats to choose from
◊ choice between analog and digital – you can now choose to have your Legacy Book assembled with my beautiful, hand-made Gelatin silver prints or the finest in fine art inkjet paper prints
Every Legacy Book is unique, personal and crafted according to your choices. Call to schedule a time to meet in person and plan the details of this wonderful gift for yourself and your dear ones.

My book


Eternal Moments

Eternal Moments is a collection of fifty of my most beautiful black and white portraits combined with personal narratives that capture the essence of loving and caring relationships at all ages and stages of life. Portraits of our families, parents and grandparents are a powerful way to honor those we love while they are with us. Each print captures a story that can strengthen our sense of identity, helping us understand more about who we are. These visual blessings also become a treasured legacy that remind our children and grandchildren of their deep roots and assure them of their connection to a sustaining love.
I remember my grandfather’s long, lean hands as he carefully removed a handkerchief from his breast pocket, unfolded it, and lay it atop my head. Ready then, he’d say a prayer. Even though I couldn’t understand the words, this quiet ritual made me feel safe, protected, and loved.
Years after his passing, I still carry his blessing with me in my work as a portrait photographer. Photographs, like prayers, are moments of time and timelessness, portals to inner worlds. Both demand and inspire presence, creating room for vulnerability, surprise, healing, and revelation. Taking pictures is, for me, the most profound way to live rooted in loving presence, to see with empathetic eyes, to embrace life and the mystery of death in each moment.
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◊ The photographs of Nancy Medwell have a poignant, piercing, human directness and bring tenderly home to us the great central truths of human life-love, loss, passion, humor, and the never-ending need for deeper soul connection. They are also unobtrusively and unpretentiously sacred, and reveal that ordinary life, when viewed from love, is a fountain of miracle.
ANDREW HARVEY, (author of The Hope-A Guide to Sacred Activism and The Way of Passion, A celebration of Rumi)
◊ In a poem called “The Wild Geese,” Wendell Berry says, “What we need is here.” I believe he is right, and that what we need can be found within us and between us. Some of those invisible resources, inner and relational, can be made visible by a great poem or novel. But until I saw Nancy Medwell’s work, I did not realize how well a great photograph can do the same. Page through this book slowly, looking at these images with soft eyes. You will see that what we need really is here, and what you see will be deeply reassuring.
PARKER J. PALMER, (author of A Hidden Wholeness, Let Your Life Speak and The Courage to Teach)
◊ Nancy Medwell’s images and stories are “thin places” in which we glimpse that other shore. They embody tenderness, gentleness, luminosity, and an exquisite beauty that is a balm to the soul. I feel privileged to be allowed to share in these sacred moments.
MICHAEL KEARNEY, M.D., (author of Mortally Wounded: Stories of Soul Pain, Death and Healing and A Place of Healing: Working with Nature and Soul at the End of Life)
◊ Nancy Medwell’s photos sing the fullness of life. Eternal Moments is a visual song of living, a chorus of portraits whose melody rises and falls, always returning to the refrain: We matter. Our love is stronger than death.
IRA BYOCK, M.D., (author of Dying Well and The Four Things That Matter Most)
◊ Nancy Medwell believes with all her heart that goodness lives within each of us and proves it with her photographs. She has an extraordinary ability to allow her subjects to emerge with grace, dignity, love and respect. This is no easy task, as the encounter between subject and photographer is a delicate one; a process of peeling layers of expectation, caution and projection. Nancy Medwell’s photographs dwell in the personal and familial. They remind us of the good within our collective spirit and inspire us in ways only certain photography can.
HOWARD GREENBERG, Director of Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York, New York (author of An American Gallery, Twenty-Five Years)
◊ In Eternal Moments, Nancy Medwell gives us a sensitive and lovely glimpse into the fundamental energy of life and at the wonderful privilege of journeying with loved ones during times of transition. Her book is a portrait of what life is about.
HENRY J. KAPLAN, M.D.,Director of Medical Oncology, Swedish Cancer Institute