Nancy Medwell

Nancy Medwell has devoted decades to photographing families at all stages and phases of life, including end of life and believes each one of us has the capacity to see ourselves and those we love with the eyes of the heart.

In 2010 she completed a two year course of study, The Anamcara Project, through The Sacred Art of Living and Dying, Bend, OR. with internationally recognized spiritual leaders.

In 2016 completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training at Seattle Yoga Arts.

Nancy currently resides in Seattle with her husband, Carlo Scanagatta and their three dogs.

She facilitates retreats and workshops providing experiences that inspire participants to deeper and higher levels of freedom, beauty and bliss.
I envision a future where dying is embraced as part of living and care of those passing is an integral part of family and community life. Where children are unafraid to be caretakers, accompanying their parents through the journey of dying with grace and dignity. My passion is to inspire you to live differently — to accept, forgive, embrace, laugh, and communicate love every day. Relationships are the soul of my work and the center of my life.
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